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BreakDown Emergency Roadside Assistance 24x7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - A MUST FOR EVERY CAR OWNER With this app, anyone can get roadside assistance in a very short time than any other mechanism.
Keep the app handy in your mobile, so that you don’t have to download when you really need it.
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Owning a car comes with a lot of comfort, but sometimes being a car owner can be taxing. When you’re out on the highway, or rushing off to an important meeting your car suddenly breaks down or refuses to start. What do you do? That’s when you need an Emergency Service Number that you can contact. To car owners in most of the developed countries an Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA) membership is a must. In India the ERA concept has been pioneered by BreakDown Mobile App. This mobile app is for any kind of emergency in the road (anywhere in India) to contact vehicle repair (mainly), police (for crime reporting), ambulance (health issues), hospital (accident life emergency) etc.,


You are driving alone and your vehicle breaks down. What would you do? Whom would you call?
Would you step out and try to figure out if there is any mechanic nearby? Or would you try to fix it yourself?
If you have wife and kids in the car, how would you step out and find out for a mechanic?
Even if you are with your friends, you might have to go little distance to find out if there is any mechanic available. What if there is a mobile app, in which you are able to find the mechanic easily using a map based app, like you browse the map and you find your mechanic.
You might be riding a bicycle on a long ride or
You might be on your motorcycle (bike) on a long drive or
You might be going on your motorcycle urgently to a nearby location or
You might be driving up to next city with your family…
You get a starting trouble in the beginning or somewhere in the middle,
you encounter a flat tyre, you go out of fuel, you get locked out with keys inside or lost car keys or mechanical issues.
How do you handle this situation? Solution is – Breakdown App.


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